Working latest Lumen with latest ionic issue and answer

GOing to Build a application with ionic and backend using lumen.

  1. when i try to send https post request by ionic, in console always show

    Object { _body: error, status: 0, ok: false, statusText: “”, headers: Object, type: 3, url: null }

    i was digging around in google for couple hours, and finally find out that is CORS issue, that’s mean there is something wrong with lumen backend.

    Usually in wordpress project i just need to add couple line of code in htaccess file, but lumen is little different, so i install a plugin to lumen to make issue more easy to fix. follow the instruction on this plugin, issue should be fix.

    Finally my result is ok, Object { _body: “123131”, status: 200, ok: true, statusText: “OK”, headers: Object, type: 2, url: “…” }

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