wordpress site 4.6 – 4.7 admin panel get extremely slow

I have five websites, one of my website are build for business platform, which need a lot of coding, mysql database change, to make wordpress to fit the business need.

About two months ago, my business platform admin panel get extremely slow, it take 70 second to load the page, i mean all the page on admin panel are load extremely slow, very pain in the ass slow………. forever……slow

recent i am start debug, why it is so slow.

First i went to google and make research, i did find a lot of useful research, most of them are talking about plugin issue cause the wordpress admin panel so slow.

Ok, now i went to admin panel, deactivated all the plugin.

and reactivate all the plugin one by one, well this didn’t solve my problem, i take a hour to doing this because admin panel slowwwwwwwwwww………..

(if above solution still can’t help you, them follow me to next step).

so i realize theme also can effect my admin panel, i mean functions.php.

so i am started debug my code, and yes the issue is on my functions.php file.

i am copy and delete each function of code one by one, every time i delete the code, i refresh the wordpress to see it’s load faster or not, if not, and paste back the code, continues to next function of code.

10 minutes later……..i saw this line of code wp_register_script( ‘some_handle’, ‘path/to/myscript.js’ )

which i didn’t know when or how this code come from. on second parameter is show  path/to/myscript.js   this didn’t tell wordpress where to get the script, so it will keep trying………..that’s why take so long. so i delete it and refresh the page, now the site is very faster like a rocket……..   🙂

step the debug wordpress admin extermely slow is

  1. google it first
  2. plugin deactivated
  3. reactive plugin one by one (and refresh page each time plugin is reactive, to see page can be load more faster)
  4. deactivated theme (change theme to other theme)
  5. refresh page to see page can be load more faster
  6. if all above still can’t solve you issue, then download Query monitor
  7. Query monitor plugin can check database query, or slow HTTP requests.

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