Learn new backend language lavarel – lumen week 1

Just like lumen website said “it very light and crazy faster”.

I am learn lumen as ionic backend, try to build a point of sale system, originally i am always using wordpress as backend, but i think is over kill, and lumen is small and faster then wordpress.

Problem i been solve first week learning lumen.

  1. Using JWT (JSON WEB TOKEN) with lumen-when i search the tutorial online, many tutorial are our of date, and must of then are not just working with latest lumen version.-[user_not_found]  error message, make sure you are not hand typing password to database, it must encoded by Base64, otherwise when you do “password”: “123”  system will encoded 123 to base64, and the password in you database is 123, then this will not match, will show user_not_found, so make sure base64 password before store into database.
  2. There will show 500 internal error message, when you try to get post or delete method-first check the error log located at storage/logs/lumen.log

    -if error show missing created_at, updated_at, that’s mean you missing these two column in database, or you have to manually add in each model to remove this if you dont need these two column, public $timestamps = false;

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