ionic2 app unable to get local server data on real device.

A day ago, install my new app on ipad to test the result, and found out that when just install app with xcode everything working fine. After disconnected and terminate the app and reopen app, i was unable to communicate with local server to pass data or get data.

After search the problem on google, i found out that http now after ios 9 are not allow to be connect, which is insecure, and they are require to use https, which have to using ssl.

so i just want to test on local to see app is working or not, and i dont have https on local server, what should i do?

yes, there is a way to do so, open config.xml fileĀ  youapp/config.xml

add bottom three line

<access origin=”*”/>
<allow-navigation href=”http://ionic.local/*”/>
<allow-navigation href=”″/> should be your local server ip address, i am using mamp pro, and my ip is mamp pro port is 8100 so will come to

this will solve this problem, any question leave comment. : )

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